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The idea for creating this site which will try to present more than twenty-five years of the successful professional work of the eminent musician from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Elvidin Edo Krilic, has existed for quite a long time, but due to many reasons its creation has been postponed until now. It is often easier to imagine some things than realize them, especially in case when you are tasked to present the person who, owing to his natural modesty, is hard to provide such an affirmative material of his. Hard as it may be, however, I believe that the effort will pay to your and my satisfaction since you have the opportunity now to enjoy listening to his brilliant performances of thematically different pieces of music played on the accordion.

Here, even now while I am writing this text I am listening to him playing SEVDALINKA (a genre of folk music originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina, simply called sevdah)… I feel a kind of nostalgia… And, nostalgia equals longing… and the same applies to sevdah. Because, sevdah is something that you feel deep down, but you cannot say what you feel, there being no word to express it. So, Edo is sevdah, perhaps one of rare dinosaurs that survived in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Indeed, there is a sound that he sometimes produces on his Guerrini and I think none of the notes can ever write it down… because it is something that you have or do not have, something that you cannot learn. It is something which the late Serbo, and the late violinist Milorad Petrovic Miki, and the superb guitarists Pavlovics or Milorad Todorovic and, let’s not forget Edo’s father, Mustafa Krilic, had… I apologize for omitting the names of all those who are worth mentioning, and I am aware that Edo will be hard on me for this.

Who knows whether this site will ever be completely finished in the way as I exactly conceived it, knowing him as a meticulous person, the person who wants every little thing to be perfect? It is because he simply cares not to offend someone, forget something or leave out something unintentionally. And I know, you cannot please everyone.

It is only to be hoped that anyone who visits this site will find some piece of music, advice or idea which will be of some importance to him, or which will simply make his day more beautiful. That exactly is what Edo Krilic wants. A part of his works to share with you.

I am going now to talk him into inserting some new things in, and I would like you to enjoy in what is on the site now and what will be on in the future.